What is Pinelands?

Low Ground Cover: Suurvy

The original concept of Pinelands as a ‘garden city’ was to bring gardens into developed living areas – a novel idea at the time. It means that emphasis is placed on gardens, trees and all-round greenery, be it private gardens or communal parks and verges. Open space and nature are to be celebrated and appreciated. Home owners (existing and new) are encouraged to invest in their verges, gardens and trees. Encouraging greenery on your property is not only meant for garden enthusiasts or for ‘green fingered’ people – it is every Pinelander’s responsibility.

This sentiment is clearly stated by the Director of Environmental Management at the Cape Town City Council, Mr Osman Asmal – read below:

“Cape Town is a special place – a beautiful coastal city with world-renowned biodiversity and a rich cultural heritage. However, our natural and cultural environment is increasingly under pressure from a range of factors including climate change. We are serious about following a holistic approach to sustainability and about managing our environment in a way that enhances economic opportunities and social wellbeing. It is, however, not only the responsibility of the City and its partners to protect and conserve this wonderful place we call home – every single one of us has a role to play.

Osman Asmal Director: Environmental Management.

The spirit of this quote is clear: Keep Pinelands Green

It also means that residents should give due consideration to all possible outcomes, solutions and options, before implementing changes that merely suit their immediate needs, or that follow the latest fashion or trend of the moment.

Example: before putting in ‘wall-to-wall’ paving as a driveway – consider the water wastage of solid, non-permeable paving. Consider using permeable bricks. Before removing established trees, first investigate whether they are protected.

It is vital for the authenticity of Pinelands as a garden suburb, for everyone to seek creative alternatives that are within the law, that benefit their house and greater Pinelands.