Parks and Open Spaces

As with verges, our various Parks and Public Open Spaces are the property of Cape Town City Council. Our parks are there for the responsible use and enjoyment of Pinelands residents and the greater public.

Note that while using these facilities, care must be taken to behave in a polite, civilised manner.  Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

= keep dogs on leashes at all times (unless there is a sign allowing ‘free roaming’);

= pick up your dog’s mess (use suitable bags and dispose of in a nearby bin, or if no bin, take it to home and dispose of it in your own Council bin);

= do not allow your dog/s to dig holes – even if there are fresh mole hills or other dogs have dug before (this poses a health and safety risk for other animals and users);

= do not vandalize any property, plant or tree;

= do not litter (if there is no bin, then take the litter home and dispose of it in your own Council bin);

= no anti-social behaviour (e.g: playing excessively loud music, shouting, fighting, swearing, etc.);

= no drinking of alcohol;

= no flying of drones or remote controlled devices;

= no driving of vehicles (of any kind, including quad bikes or mini motorbikes);

= no dumping of building rubble or garden greenery – take these to the nearest Council dump site.

These basic guidelines apply to most Parks and Public Open Spaces. They should be followed, so that everyone using them can enjoy leisure time in a communal setting without unnecessary disturbance or their safety at risk.

Call Law Enforcement immediately on 021 596 1999 if you notice anyone contravening any of the above guidelines.