Pinelands Heritage Advisory Committee

Pinelands Heritage Advisory Committee

HAC Committee

Chair: Dr Shaun Adendorff, John Wilson-Harris, Ankia Bormans, Dieter Rooseboom, Carol Clark


HAC Monthly Meetings

Please note:

Due to the current covid situation, the HAC is not having monthly public meetings to view plans in the HPOZ.

Plans are currently being viewed electronically so please forward your queries or plans to

The Pinelands Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) meets on the 3rd  Monday of the month in the Committee Room at the Pinelands Library at  6:30pm.

Plans are seen on a “first come, first seen basis.”

Please bring hardcopies of your plans, and any photos of the exterior of your home and the streetscape that will assist in the process.

If your application/plans area acceptable according to the HAC Guidelines, your plans will be stamped and signed by HAC and you will receive a HAC comment sheet to put with your application for Heritage Western Cape (HWC)

In certain cases, the HAC chose to do a site visit, and then you will receive the feedback as to how to proceed further.