Developments Overview

There are currently three sections of land that are undergoing Public Participation Process for planned redevelopment . The aims are to have mixed use, high density mixed income residential aspects and “Transport Orientated Development”. This aims to make use of the planned Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) system and non-motorised transport potential:.

  1. The Two Rivers Urban Park (TRU-Park)
  2. The Conradie Better Living Model Exampler Project (BLMEP)
    Read the Conradie BLM Focus Group Presentation of 23 June 2016 HERE
  3. Conradie Development: Planning application for the proposed deletion of restrictive title condition, rezoning, subdivision, consolidation, departures and closure of public place. Closing date for comment is 15 November 2016. Read the document HERE
  4. The Athlone Power Station
    Read the Athlone Power Station Bid V2 HERE