About Us

Objectives of the PRRA

  • To ensure that the Local Government Structures responsible for the administration of Pinelands, function efficiently and effectively in the interests of Pinelands and its residents.
  • To stimulate public interest in Local Government and community affairs and to create pride of citizenship.
  • To advance and safeguard the interest of Pinelands and its residents generally and to preserve and promote its traditions, values, ethics and ideals.
  • To maintain and, where necessary, improve service and aesthetic standards.
  • To discuss and deal with any subject of public interest with the Association maintaining a non-party political and neutral religious position.
  • To co-operate with any other organisation having similar objectives.


Chairman: John Berry 
Vice Chairman:
Riad Davids
Secretary: Carol Clark
Treasurer: Abdulnasir Adam
Parks & Public Spaces: Marilynn McNamara
Roads and Traffic: Steve Mills
Social Development: Yazied Davids
Cllr: Brian Watkyns (While not a member of the Exco, Councillor Watkins does attend meetings.)