Sewerage Overflow

Some areas of Pinelands continue to be plagued with sewerage overflows primarily due to failures at the Langa Sewerage pump stations. The situation is exacerbated by heavy rains.

The feedback requested on the situation at both Langa pump stations is as follows:

Langa Main – 3 pumps are running, the 4th pump is tripping on a bearing temperature.

Langa Minor – 1 pump inside the station and 1 mobile pump outside is running. The fitter confirmed that they are working on installing a second pump in the station which was borrowed from another pump station. He had to do alterations to ensure that the pump actually fits in Langa Minor.

A presentation to the Subcouncil was requested for Pinelands and Thornton to cover:

• An update on the current situation

• Repairs still required with timelines

•The upgrades needed with timelines

• A full description of what is being currently done to alleviate the areas which are still experiencing problems

• A reasonable time line for complete restoration of the system and that the presentation be shared with the public

Brian Watkyns (Councillor of Ward 53)