Street Peoples Unit

During our Cape of Storms wintery weather, a collaborative effort between a caring community member, alderman Brian Watkyns, NETwork, City of Cape Towns Street Peoples Unit, Ubuntu-Circle of Courage and the Pinelands Ratepayers & Residents Association has meant that a pensioner who has been sleeping on the streets close to the BP for a few months, has been assisted to a safe place.

Mr M landed up on the streets of Pinelands after finding himself homeless. He had been working for 2 days a week for a lady in one of the local retirement villages for the last 30 years but Covid has taken it’s toll. The Pinelander spoke very highly of Mr M and referred to him as ‘a perfect gentleman’. Mr M is 72 years old.

Brian called us to assist after a neighbour alerted him about the man seeking help. NETwork has connections to local shelters and spent some time trying to find an open space. It took persistence and a couple of days before we found somewhere that had an available bed. The Cape Town homeless community has grown exponentially since lockdown and shelters just do not have the capacity to assist everyone. The situation is dire.Finally, we found him a space at a second phase home in Blue Downs. The CoCT Street People unit assisted with transport and NETwork’s Alison went through with them. Mr M was screened at the clinic and is now safe and warm with Ubuntu. The home will be an interim place for him and the social workers will try to find him a place in an old age home, ideally close to Pinelands. If you, or anyone you know, has contacts or knows anyone in the government old age system or working with retirees who could assist, please get in touch on or 066 0613764.Thanks Brian Watkyns and Riad Davids for connecting the dots. For more info on NETwork have a look at our FB page or website