Adopt a Tree


In May we held our 3rd #AdoptATree event and planted 70 trees. The weather celebrated our planting by bringing us sunshine and a perfect mid-winter day. As with our previous tree plantings, we were warmed and encouraged by friends and community members who came to plant trees on behalf of adopters who couldn’t be present. 

We loved watching the kids of Meerendal Pre-Primary planting their tree on the Friday before the #AdoptATree day. 

Thanks to the NETwork for Good avatars who helped with the setup by digging the tree holes. They then also provided the tree adopters with the extra muscle needed to lift and wheelbarrow large saplings to their positions on the canal on planting day. 

Thank you to Glynnis and Max Schutte for the wonderful coverage in The Muse of our planting event.

We are giving a big shout out to those who contributed to making the tree planting day a success: 

©     Pinelands Islamic Centre with Najmah Mallick for hosting us in their space. 

©     Jeremy Killian for gifting our trees with compost and bonemeal. 

©     Liza Groenewald for sponsoring the wages of the NETwork for Good avatars who worked on Saturday.

©     Rozprint for doing our printing and laminating.

©     Carolyn Shane  and Adam for sponsoring the wages of the NETwork for Good avatars who dug the tree holes. 

©     Riad Davids for sponsoring his gardener to join our team on planting day.

©     Pinelands Spar for donating the paper bags in which we put fertilizer etc for each tree adopter. 

How many trees have we planted? 

In April 2019 we planted 100 trees. 

In September 2020 we planted 50 trees, of which 45 were adopted and 2 were planted by partner organisations (Scouts and Rotary) and 3 were replacement trees for the 2019 batch. We had to replace 1 tree in the month after tree planting due to it being stolen. 

In May 2021 we planted 70 trees of which 67 were adopted trees, and 3 trees were planted to replace trees from previous years’ planting.

Replacing trees has been necessary as a couple of trees have been stolen but the bigger culprit has been the moles eating the roots of the Brachylaena discolor trees. 

We have taken over the maintenance of 6 trees planted by the Scouts to ensure they grow well. 

Therefore, we are currently caring for and watering the following: 

Section 1: 99 trees 

Section 2: 52 trees  

Section 3: 67 trees 

Love Out Loud Manenberg

Many of our tree adopters responded with generosity to our invitation for them to donate towards a tree planting initiative in Manenberg. Youth leaders from an organisation called Love Out Loud have reclaimed a dumping ground, planted a food garden, created a sports field and installed play equipment for children. We were able to raise R2600 which has been used to purchase a well point pump and irrigation equipment for them. 

Here is a photo of their tree planting on 12 June. 

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Cleaning the River 

We continue to clean the riverbanks and litter-trap twice a month: in the afternoon on the 2nd Friday and 4th Sunday of the month.  Join our team for a hands-on experience which will deepen your compassion for the natural world. 

Shout out to Plastics SA who have committed to funding NETwork for Good avatars to assist at these two clean ups every month, allowing us to clean the whole stretch of the Elsieskraal River here in Pinelands. 

Making sure we also comply with POPIA (yes we know you’ve been flooded by these messages)

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How did we get your email address? You gave it to us! When you originally joined our group, when you adopted a tree, or you sent us a message asking to join. We love that you did! But you can choose to leave at any time by sending a reply email asking us to unsubscribe you.

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Yours in bringing life back to the Elsieskraal 


on behalf of the team Rachel, Adam, Diana, Kate, Marilynn and Louise.